Olive oil benefits

Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

Olive oil Benefits

Eye-Makeup Remover

olive oil all over your face would actually cause bigger problems and clog pores. But in actuality, the oil grabs onto other oil-based products (think: Like attracts like), making it a great precleansing step to remove stubborn eye makeup. Follow it up with warm water and a pH-balanced face wash.

Eczema Remedy

The best and most widespread use for olive oil is as an intense moisturizer. This product works great as an allover treatment for extra-dry skin. Since it’s natural, it’s the ideal pick for eczema.

Olive oil body lotion

apply olive oil all over body, while in the shower, after the application of olive oil body lotion skin feels extremely soft and very smooth This simple beauty secret is a very quick and easy way to make your skin look and feel healthy and tender to touch.

Olive oil benefits for Cracked-Heel

apply olive oil to feet. Put on socks to lock in the hydrating treatment as you sleep.

Diaper-Rash Treatment

Olive oil is perfect for the sensitive skin on a baby’s bottom and as a moisturizing remedy for cradle cap too.

Olive oil eye cream

Olive oil will nourish the tender skin around your eyes and soften fine lines. Gently dab some olive oil under your eyes before bed time or in the morning.

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