Health Benefits of Pluot Plums

Health Benefits of Pluots

What Is a Pluot?

Pluots are hybrids of the plum and the apricots, summer fruits that have been part of the human diet since the early times. While there are numerous hybrids of both of these fruits, pluots are more plum than apricot. There have been different accounts of varying percentages, with some saying that pluots contain up to 75 percent of plum genes. The varieties of the pluot fruit depend on this percentage, but pluots will always have a higher percentage of plum genes than apricot genes.

Pluot trees normally look more like plum trees than apricot trees. Because of this, the growing environment of these trees generally leans towards the same growing conditions as plum trees, growing best in climates where frost is rare in spring and winters are cold enough for dormancy.

Pluot trees usually start producing white flowers in the spring and fruits appear in the summer.3 Pluot season usually starts around Memorial Day (May) and lasts until mid-September

Health Benefits of Pluots

Pluots contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that could provide your body with a boost in immunity and other factors. Here are some of the health benefits you can get from eating pluots:

Improves heart health. Pluots contain potassium, a mineral that is responsible for controlling the electrical balance of your heart. It is also responsible for muscle building. Just make sure that your potassium intake does not exceed the recommended levels, because it’s just as harmful as low levels of potassium in the blood.

Helps prevent constipation. Pluots can help prevent constipation because of their high amounts of dietary fiber, which promotes metabolism and smooth digestion. By preventing constipation and other digestive problems, you can also help minimize your risk for colon cancer and other severe GI tract diseases.

Helps in maintaining eye health. The high amount of vitamin A in pluots positively affect eye health because of this vitamin’s ability to be converted to beta carotene. Consuming foods rich in vitamin A can prevent macular degeneration, one of the leading causes of blindness in later years.

Boosts the immune system. Pluots help the immune system function more efficiently through their vitamin C content.10 Vitamin C is one of the micronutrients that help in protecting the body against free radicals that can lead to the development of cancer and other diseases.

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