Health benefits of Vetiver Oil

Health Benefits of Vetiver Oil

Health Benefits of Vetiver Oil Chrysopogon zizanioides, commonly known as vetiver, is a perennial grass that belongs to the Poaceae family, which is native to India. Vetiver essential oil is derived through the steam distillation of the plant’s roots. It has a strong initial aroma and is described as woody,

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Best Essential Oils

Best Essential Oils you should keep on hand all the time Frankincense: Frankincense contains a compound called boswellia, which is anti-inflammatory. So, if you have inflammation anywhere, especially in the brain, frankincense is the most powerful thing you could ever use. Tea tree oil: This is the best oil for

Essential oils

About Essential Oils and It’s Importance

Essential Oils and Its Importance Essential Oils Have Been Used for Thousands of Years, Essential oils are rapidly becoming popular today. Essential oils are plant-based medicine. It’s were used so much throughout history is because they are easy to extract from plants and your body naturally. Frankincense, for instance, was used during that time

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Clove Oil for Better Dental Health

Clove oil is derived from the clove tree. clove bud essential oil, also known as Eugenia carophyllata is the most popular in aromatherapy. Because the oils produced from the leaves and stems have stronger chemical compositions than the buds, clove bud oil is known for its benefits to oral health. This essential oil,

Properties Of Coconut Oil

Organic Ingredients and uses of Coconut Oil

Organic Ingredients and uses of Coconut Oil Coconut oil is extracted from the fruit of coconut palm trees. The oil has many different applications, including medicinal, industrial and food preparation. Use coconut oil for cooking and nutritional fat in tropical climates where palm trees and coconuts are indigenous. Coconut oil

Olive oil benefits

Beauty Uses for Olive Oil

Olive oil Benefits Eye-Makeup Remover olive oil all over your face would actually cause bigger problems and clog pores. But in actuality, the oil grabs onto other oil-based products (think: Like attracts like), making it a great precleansing step to remove stubborn eye makeup. Follow it up with warm water