About Ginger

About Ginger

Using ginger for physical symptoms, not just for its flavor, is as old as traditional Chinese medicine, which has thousands of years of success in its wake. East Indian Ayurvedic medicine has rendered medicinal use of ginger for centuries as well. a rhizome or root, has been applied undoubtedly runs into the hundreds in terms of the many disorders and imbalances it can prevent, treat and alleviate. One of the most important is nausea.

Ginger used for migraine headaches, which is where its effectiveness for nausea emerges.

Ginger, the account continues, has an incredible number of uses, including fresh, dried, crystallized, candied, pickled, preserved, powdered and ground. It’s an interesting flavor, as while it can be called sweet, it has a curious and pleasing spiciness that lends itself well to any number of baked goods and even stir-fries and, of course, tea.

As an anti-inflammatory and natural immune system booster, ginger covers a myriad of health benefits. Because it reduces systematic inflammation, it positively influences body weight and blood sugar, helping to protect against another serious “umbrella” illness called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)


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