Essential oils

About Essential Oils and It’s Importance

Essential Oils and Its Importance

Essential Oils Have Been Used for Thousands of Years, Essential oils are rapidly becoming popular today. Essential oils are plant-based medicine. It’s were used so much throughout history is because they are easy to extract from plants and your body naturally.

Frankincense, for instance, was used during that time to reduce bruising. It’s also great for the nervous system, so it would have been rubbed on a child after birth to support its growth and development and protect its immune system. Myrrh essential oil is a natural antiseptic. So, it would have been rubbed around the umbilical cord to keep that area from getting infected after birth.

Why You Need Essential Oils

It can help:

Replace dangerous drugs

Get rid of age spots & scarring

Reduce inflammation

Balance hormones

Clear up acne

Detoxify your body

Clean your home

Improve allergies.

Essential oils are used everyday as natural medicine to treat a number of chronic illnesses, but they can also be used for everyday items. It can be used for beauty, reducing aging marks (like sun spots or stretch marks on the skin),  and cleaning your house, killing mold in your house, and allergies. Simply put–essential oils are gentle on the body and they’re the most effective form of plant-based medicine.

Essential oils are created by simply extracting the therapeutic, aromatic compounds from the plant. Most oils are concentrated between 10 to 70 times what you’d find in the normal plant. So, you’re getting very, very high levels of the therapeutic healing compounds when you use essential oils.

It’s work because they contain high amounts of therapeutic compounds. A 15 milliliter bottle (which is about the size of your thumb) of lavender essential oil takes about 150 pounds of lavender flowers.

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